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Books worth Reading

I am currently reading the book ‘Hamilton’, by Ron Chernow. Great reading and fascinated to learn George Washington was not all that popular. I admit I knew little about Alexander Hamilton and this book definitely opens my eyes to his importance in US history. I am a slow reader so it takes me a while to get through the book but so far so good.
I also completed reading a surfing book called ‘Barbarian Days, A Surfing Life’, by William Finnegan. Great read. I also highly recommend this book as well. I can relate to the author’s timeline as we grew up in the same era.

Renovating my kitchen and bathroom

I am just starting to look into what is involved in renovating my kitchen and bathroom. Basically, I want to replace my old kitchen cabinets, appliances, avacado green 1960’s formica and flooring. I have received one estimate so far which is through the roof (no pun intended). That estimate was just for the cabinets without installation, etc. I am also thinking about replacing just the front with new drawers. It is quite an overwhelming experience. I plan on educating myself and take my time to review my options. I love the Houzz app and I have bookmarked many of my dream kitchen and bathrooms. Unfortunately, my taste and my budget are not speaking. This journey to be continued,

My Favorite Candles

My favorite candles are a bit pricey but the fragrance last with time. Cire Trudon, French candle makers. They must be doing something right to still be in business since 1643. My favorite scents so far are Ernesto and Odalisque. Ernesto smells of wonderful cigars and lavender. Odalisque has an orange blossom with wood barks. The candles (when not burned), take you back to an older century in history. I have had mine for over one year and the fragrance is still intoxicating.

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